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Construction-to-Perm (CTP) Loan

Building a new home? Renovating the one you have? With a 1st Signature Lending's construction-to-perm loan, your lot, construction and mortgage financing can be covered in a single loan.

Build Your Home:

If you're looking to build and finance your primary residence, a 1st Signature Lending construction-to-perm loan may be right for you. You can even finance a land lot into the construction loan.

Benefits include:

  • Interest-only payments during construction
  • Fixed construction interest rate for up to 6 months
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate loan options at modification
  • No prepayment penalties
  • A single set of closing costs


The following housing requirements must be met to qualify for a 1st Signature Lending construction-to-perm loan:

  • Your new home must be a one-unit, single-family detached home.
  • It must become your primary residence.
  • Your builder of choice must be a licensed builder approved by 1st Signature Lending.

How It Works

Your Construction Loan Professionals

Work with a Network of Real Estate Professionals and Builders to bring only the best to you.

Your Realtor Will...
  • Help Locate a Lot to Purchase
  • Help Provide Support throughout the Process
Your Builder Will...
  • Provide Floor Plan Options
  • Provide a Custom Design Team
  • Prepare Building Specifications
  • Prepare Contracts
  • Secure Permits
  • Prepare Building Site Plan
  • Manage the Project.
1st Signature Lending Will...
  • Give Upfront Loan Approval
  • Order Construction Title Work
  • Coordinate Appraisal
  • Manage Construction Inspections
  • Facilitate Construction Loan Closing
  • Fund the One-Time Close Construction Loan 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need any money to purchase my lot or begin construction?
A. No. This is the main difference between our program and others.
Q. How long will it take for my construction loan to be pre-qualified?
A. It will take approximately 48 hours for your pre-qualification.
Q. What type of loans does this program work with?
A. The One-Time Construction Program works with FHA, VA, Conventional and USDA 
Q. When is my down payment due, if required by the loan program I qualify for?
A. If required, your down payment is due at the close of your permanent loan.
Q. How much am I required to bring to the closing?
A. Each permanent loan has a different down payment requirement. USDA and VA require no down payment, as they are 100% loan programs. FHA requires 3.5% down and this amount may be a gift from a family member. Conventional loans require a minimum down payment of 5%. The closing costs will vary depending on the loan size and type of loan. The builder can pay closing costs.
Q. Can I build my new home anywhere in Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina or Ohio and soon more will be added ?
A. Yes
Q. Is there a minimum or maximum on the total purchase price?
A. Yes, the minimum is $100,000 and the maximum is $438,000. A higher purchase price may qualify. Call your 1st Signature team.
Q. What documents required?
  • A. Two years tax returns
  • Two years W2 or 1099
  • Most recent month's Paystubs
  • Two months Bank Statement