What is a 203K?

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The FHA 203k loan program provides funds for the purchase and renovation of a home.

203k and how it works:

#1 Get pre-qualified for a loan

Before you look for a home it is important to be prequalified for a moretgage by 1st Signature Lending, LLC. Once you know the maximum loan amount you can buy, it's time to find a home.

#2 Work with an FSL certified 203k realtor.

Not just any realtor will do for this type of purchase. We can provide you with a list of FSL certified realtors. The agent will be able to help you find properties that need repairs.

#3 Work with an FSL certified 203k contractor.

This may be the most important of them all. Getting the wrong contractor is where things can go really wrong. So only work a licensed, bonded, insured and experienced 203k contractor. We can provide a list of FSL certified contractors.

#4 Get a home inspection.

You home inspector will conduct a property inspection and provide you with a written report that identifies FHA required repairs and any other issues that the home may have.

#5 Provide a copy of your inspection report to your contractor.

This insures that all needed repairs are included in your bid along with all of your desired improvements.

#6 Agree  to a final scope of work.

Once you decided on a list of improvements and prices - your contractor then prepares a work-write up for 1st Signature Lending, LLC. The work write up is a detailed list of improvements and costs. This is what 1st Signature Lending, LLC needs before ordering your appraisal.

#7 Appraisal ordered.

Value is determined by purchase price and repairs to be completed.

#8 Close your loan.

After the loan closing , the improvent funds are placed in escrow, and renovation begins.

#9 After all work is finished.

The remaining balance due to the contractor is paid. Your mortgage terms do not change and you simply make your mortgage payments to your lender.

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