Building the home of your choice on your own land has never been easier!


As we talk to our clients, we found a reoccuring need: 

"Many 1st time home buyers and 'next-home' buyers wanted a simple way to own their own unique property on which they can build an equally unique home that reflects their tastes, not that of a mass home building company; yet, without the custom home cost."

We searched every market for a solution but all the product was the same; it focused on the lender, not the homeowners combined borrowing/building needs. 


So we designed our own progam from scratch!



What makes this program so unique?

1st Signature, as your mortgage lender, qualifies you for the mortgage on your completed home on the site of your choice, and that automatically qualifies you for the construction loan, including the lot!


What about down payment?

That is what makes this program so flexible.  Your unique qualifications may allow you to have as little as zero down when the construction loan closes. The mortgage you close on when the home is complete will have a down payment requirement of some type unless you qualify for a VA or USDA loan. The most important thing to remember is the financing you get with 1st Signature is as tailored to your needs as the home you are building.


I want to build on my own lot but I don't currently own one. Do I need to buy a lot first?

That is the other unique part of our program.You do need property, but we include the purchase of the site in the construction loan. No seperate transaction needed!  You only qualify ONE TIME, not three times. No need to qualify for a "land only" loan so you have a lot... then get qualified for the construction loan... and then for your mortgage once the house is done. One application does it all... once you share your information with us, the pathway to moving into your new home is set and you are on your way!


How do I get started?

The Mortgage Loan officer that invited you to our website is listed in the tab called “Meet the Team” at the top of the Home Page.  Select their page and fill out an application, or send them an email letting them know you would like to get qualified to build your customized home on your own lot! 

If you found us by way of web search, call 317-214-8004. Harriette or Dawn will be happy to assist you and introduce you to one of our Licensed Mortgage Loan Officers waiting for your call.


You have waited long enough for the home you have been dreaming of.  Call today!