Construction-to-Perm (CTP) Loan

Building a new home? Renovating the one you have? With a 1st Signature Lending's construction-to-perm loan, your lot, construction and mortgage financing can be covered in a single loan.

Build Your Home:

If you're looking to build and finance your primary residence, a 1st Signature Lending construction-to-perm loan may be right for you. You can even finance a land lot into the construction loan.

Benefits include:

  • Interest-only payments during construction
  • Fixed construction interest rate for up to 6 months
  • Fixed and adjustable-rate loan options
  • No prepayment penalties
  • A single set of closing costs


The following housing requirements must be met to qualify for a 1st Signature Lending construction-to-perm loan:

  • Your new home must be a one-unit, single-family detached home.
  • It must become your primary residence.
  • Your builder of choice must be a licensed builder approved by 1st Signature Lending.

How It Works

Your Construction Loan Professionals

Work with a Network of Real Estate Professionals and Builders to bring only the best to you.

Your Realtor Will...
  • Help Locate a Lot to Purchase
  • Help Provide Support throughout the Process
Your Builder Will...
  • Provide Floor Plan Options
  • Provide a Custom Design Team
  • Prepare Building Specifications
  • Prepare Contracts
  • Secure Permits
  • Prepare Building Site Plan
  • Manage the Project.
1st Signature Lending Will...
  • Give Upfront Loan Approval
  • Order Construction Title Work
  • Coordinate Appraisal
  • Manage Construction Inspections
  • Facilitate Construction Loan Closing
  • Fund the One-Time Close Construction Loan  
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How long will it take for my construction loan to be pre-qualified?
A. It will take approximately 48 hours for your pre-qualification.
Q. What type of loans does this program work with?
A. The One-Time-Close Construction Program works with FHA, VA, Conventional and USDA 
Q. When is my down payment due, if required by the loan program I qualify for?
A. If required, your down payment is due at the closing of your loan.
Q. How much am I required to bring to the closing?
A. Each permanent loan has a different down payment requirement. USDA and VA require no down payment, as they are 100% loan programs. FHA requires 3.5% down and this amount may be a gift from a family member. Conventional loans require a minimum down payment of 5%. The closing costs will vary depending on the loan size and type of loan. The builder can pay closing costs.
Q. Can I build my new home anywhere in Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, Colorado, North Carolina, or Ohio and soon more will be added ?
A. Yes
Q. Is there a minimum or maximum on the total purchase price?
A. Yes, the minimum is $100,000 and the maximum is $438,000. A higher purchase price may qualify. Call your 1st Signature team.
Q. What documents required?
  • Two years W2 or 1099
  • Most recent month's Paystubs
  • Two months Bank Statement
  • Two Years Tax Returns

Additional documents may be required, depending on your unique situation.